Printing Costs

Printing (50 sets) is included with the Design + Printing Package. For Design packages, additional print prices are summarized below (clients may print separately themselves).

  Name Size $ each Sets Subtotal
  Name Size $ each Sets Subtotal
Save the date 4.625" x 6.25" $2.25 50 $112.50
Invite 5" x 7" $2.25 50 $112.50
  Details card 4.625" x 6.25" $2 50 $100
Reply card 3.475" x 4.875" $1.75 50 $87.50
  Map 5" x 7" $2 50 $100
Thank you card 3.475" x 4.875" $1.75 50 $87.50
  Menu 5" x 7" $2 50 $100
  Program 5" x 7" $2 50 $100
  Drinks menu 11" x 14" $20 2 $40

All the following extras are available. Typically these are added to the project as a suggestion by Laura in the Concept based on a thematic benefit. (E.g. 'because we're producing a sky-at-night save the date, I'd suggest using white foil printing.') Clients do not have to agree to printing embellishments; they increase price and require more time to produce.

Foil printing
Very think sheets of metallic foil are heated and pressed against the paper's surface using a custom metal plate.
Double- or triple-thick paper
Multiplying the paper thickness can create a more substantial, luxurious feel.
Edge painting
The finished prints are cut, stacked and sprayed with paint to produe a colored, rather than plain, edge. (Works well with double- or triple-thick paper.
Complex format
It's common to change from a standard paper sheet to a more complex format, usually including at least one fold. This can include mounted paper on paper and mounted pockets.
A classic upgrade to a traditional printing method. Instead of digital printing, ink is applied to a raised surface and pressed against each print to leave an indented image on the surface.

All the above embellishments are optional upgrades to standard printing. The price for each depends on the specifics of the given project.


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