After a year of research and design I can finally present Emily and Dan’s full project. In January Emily and Dan’s botanical-print-inspired save the date postcard was published. June’s blog post shares their incredible invitation sweet; gloss printed folding cover, invitation, Baltimore wedding map and (library inspired) reply card. The invitation cover features, in gloss printing, the specific constellations that will appear in the sky on the date and location of their wedding day. The stars, plants and seas are reflected in these pieces as though they could pick up a book on each subject to honor their venue, Baltimore’s prestigious Peabody Library. Their day of pieces include itinerary/program fans and botanical place cards, details below.

Peabody conservatory wedding custom Save the Date botanical illustration
Their botanical save the date postcard features the Maryland state flower, Black eye Susan and Arizona’s cactus blossom, representing the couple’s union.
Botanical, Celestial Peabody Library wedding stationery
Detail of the invitation's black folding cover with their personalized constellations gloss printed across the cover.
Botanical, Celestial Peabody Library wedding stationery
Detail shot of botanical (MD's black eyed susans and AZ's cactus flower) designed place cards.