We love working with genuine, earthy small businesses that actually make something tangible you can hold in your hands: makers. Straw and Gold bring those under their brand to sell their goods both directly to consumers and retailers. That’s hard without a considered, strong brand to speak for you in a concise, powerful voice.

Our job was to help establish a design patch for Straw and Gold, who planned to unveil their new online store one way or another as soon as possible. We didn’t have the luxury of time — we were asked to inject bold thinking into Straw and Gold’s marketing materials to elevate their offering.

Our idea was to use a distinctive, western aesthetic; the pioneering can-do spirit of the craftsmen who tamed vast, beautiful landscapes. Bold lettering set on (or above) the azure horizon provided the stark, honest, and memorable approach we needed.

Straw and Gold Marketing Materials
Social media is a big sales market for small businesses. Straw and Gold wanted as many potential customers as possible to know they were open for business.
Straw and Gold Marketing Materials
Website banners promoting the new brand and partners.
Straw and Gold Postcard
Postcard, front, painted in gauche on watercolor paper, scanned and prepared for print.
Straw and Gold Postcard, back
Postcard, back. Simple, bold, and confident.

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