Franky Shanahan, a popular family blogger from the U.K., asked us to help redefine her ageing image by providing an outside perspective on her offering. Bi-weekly updates on food, family, and the work-life balance of a modern mother all had to be juxtaposed with Franky’s bottomless love for the timeless Audrey Hepburn. What started as an online handle soon became an identity for Franky, her online friends and acquaintances came to know her as the mid-century cult figure. ‘Audrey’ became Franky’s mask and ‘Love, Audrey’ her romantic sign-off. We tweaked that just enough by removing the comma and concentrating on Franky’s (everyone’s) love for Audrey; the two words’ equal weighting provided just enough ambiguity without removing the potency of the name.


Love Audrey Logo by Jolly Edition
Defining a simple, iconic logo using the weight of Audrey's name became the challenge. We needed to provide enough impact without exaggeration; Hepburn was the definition of grace, but over time her image has developed into an immovable legacy.
Love Audrey Logo by Jolly Edition
We achieved the balancing act using weighty, anachronistic typography with an outlined, offset foreground. Franky's writing —and beautiful photography — was striving for a cinematic quality found in Hepburn's movies. The duality of the two images references the registration of a film roll being projected.
Love Audrey indentity by Jolly Edition
LA's palette was meant to convey a family friendly tone that was romantic but not overly twee.
Love Audrey Interface by Jolly Edition
The limited palette and offset aesthetic put to good use on the Love Audrey website.
Love Audrey Tweet
Always work with design companies capable of communicating in Audrey Hepburn quotes.

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