Tuesday June 30, 2015

June’s Projects

Amongst the custom projects of June we were very flattered to be asked for comment on ways to “Cut Costs Without Compromising on the Design” of wedding stationery by Brides Magazine. Be sure to check that out for some top tips.

We’re highlighting half a dozen projects from this month in our wrap up, one from a new illustrator, Vikki Chu. Most notably there’s the conclusion of Stephanie Shafer’s stunning projects and some familiar names (Elizabeth Graeber and Emma Block) plucked from our work in June.

Jessica & Kia Detail
We asked Vikki Chu to illustrate this Beverly Hills scene for Jessica & Kia, who, as it happens, are marrying at the Wilshire this year. (“Big mistake. Big. Huge.”) The map became part of the Z-fold design we'll show you more of next month.
Jenn & Manuel Detail
Stephanie Shafer perfectly realized Jenn & Manuel's brief, capturing a long list of tough ingredients hard enough to fit in alone. Stephanie crafts a scene with surprising ease, our favorite part of the composition being the iconic hand lettering forming the moon in the night sky, set against the infinite collection of distant stars.
Lise & Grant Overview
We've had the pleasure of working with Emma Block for more than a year now and the two dozen projects always evoke the same warm romance she's known for. Lise & Grant's La Jolla map was particularly satisfying.
Trang & Chris In Hand
We've been working for months with Trang and Chris to realize their ambitious wedding invitations, forming a Z-fold format depicting their meeting and subsequent journey to marriage. We gold foil printed the cover of the invitation — you can see that shimmer here — to beautiful effect. There's more to come on their project but we couldn't resist sharing this glimpse of their idyllic Californian celebration.
Cecily & Abram Ketubah
We love working on solo, large-format pieces like Cecily & Abram's 18" x 24" ketubah (marriage contract), brought to life by Elizabeth Graeber's iconic illustration. Our work is so personal to each of our clients and so fulfilling for us to provide, knowing this beautiful statement of love will sit in the couple's home as they continue their journey together keeps us smiling.
Monet & Sarah Detail
Stephanie Shafer's work on Monet & Sarah's project has been a jaw-dropping pleasure to deliver. We caught up with them via Google Hangouts to get to know them a little better and meet their Great Dane, Linus. They're, unbelievably, as kind and lovely in person as they are by email. The Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage happened on the day we shipped their beautiful stationery, a lovely serendipitous moment of elation shortly followed by them being the second same-sex couple in Georgia to register for a marriage certificate. Our work with Monet & Sarah is a permanent classic.

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