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Monday March 30, 2015

Same Sex Couples

When we receive inquiries from couples looking to buy wedding stationery from us we’re always in the dark as to who they are, where they live and what it is about our work which excites them. Amidst the emails and phone calls we share with potential clients we discover more about them and the (sometimes intimate) details of their plans. When we’re discussing a custom project we often find clients, with their raw and unique ingredients, pouring out their hopes, excited to share their stories with us. Two such clients recently emailed us interested in our custom work, but not without their reservations:

“Do you work with same sex couples?”

We were aghast. We had no idea how to answer the question without barreling into a conversation about us being a small company with strong beliefs and a dedication to storytelling in our work, so that’s what we did. We believe everyone has the right to live happily and in peace, without fear of judgement from those who feel superior by virtue of being a part of the majority.

They responded:

“I hate having to ask vendors if they work with same-sex couples. It’s alienating and scary, especially since we know people who have been turned away. So we play it safe by digging around on people’s websites and if we can’t find the info there we tend to move on. Now you know how much I love your work — I reached out to you because I didn’t care about potentially being rebuffed.”

This was shocking to us, we didn’t think we needed to proclaim ‘we do not discriminate.’ Our worldview doesn’t accept hateful exclusion — we’re so insular in our working day, noses-down, making projects for our clients that we forget it still exists in 2015. We abhor bigotry and in the face of some topical events in the news recently we decided to publicly state our encouragement to anyone interested in working with us that we are happy to work with clients regardless of their race, gender, or sexual orientation. We are saddened that needs to be publicly stated and that there are millions of people who feel alienated and bullied before even reaching out to vendors. We hope the next generation will make this conversation obsolete but we’re sending a message of love to all who want to work with us today.

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