Monday November 11, 2013

New World Stationers

Six months after emigrating from the UK to the USA we’re very happy to finally write a post about our short time being here.

Leaving our home for the past two years wasn’t an easy thing to do but we’re excited for our future here in the new world. Since we moved to Maryland in April we’ve been busy serving our clients whilst signing new projects and improving our small business.

Money, Money, Money

Moving is an expensive, stressful experience. Adding emigration to that process adds to its complications and frustrations. With the help of friends and family we’ve weathered the process well and now we’re not only back to business as usual, we’re able to offer a level of professionalism and a higher standard of both product and service which wasn’t possible in our Cambridge location.

Wait Mister Postman

If you’re American you’ll know all about the USPS. We’ve managed to offset the hassle of sending our products as efficiently and safely through the USPS in a way which means we don’t ever have to visit the post office again, which means we save time and get more done!

Printing Our Work

We’ve managed to partner with a wonderful printer in Baltimore. Alpha Graphics are a 40–year–old printing company with the expertise we need to offer the best calibration of our work when printing. The way in which they reproduce our original artwork in print is fantastic and we can’t thank them enough for helping to elevate the quality of our work. Thank you to Casey, Val and Christine!

Hello, Old Friends!

We’re very happy to have had the chance to be around our good friends and to see all the inspirational work they’re adding to the world. The girl wonder, Elizabeth Graeber keeps buzzing away from her studio in Takoma Park. Jennifer Grove, of Sky Blue Events (our wedding planner) continues to amaze us with her work and has finally ventured into New York City.

Hello, New Friends!

We’ve had the pleasure to meet some exciting new people in Maryland. Friends of the Web are a collection of people we’ve admired from afar for a while now. We visited them at their swanky Baltimore office one lunchtime and enjoyed seeing how much fun a bunch of friends working together can be.

Getting to know Val Lucas of Bowerbox Press has been a lot of fun. She keeps chickens out in the sticks in rural Maryland whilst hoarding every letterpress device she can get her hands on. Seeing her passion for letterpress has been a pleasure. She really cares for the heritage of the process and if you need letterpress work, Val’s your lady.

Danielle Couick of Magnolia Bluebird had a liquid lunch with us and we’re very excited to catch up with her and share stories about our work.

We shared a coffee and some stories with Illiah Manger of TwoTwentyTwo Design. The wedding industry can be tough but we love meeting other vendors and we can often find support looking within our community.

We’ve been working with Sarah Mooney, a talented, charming photographer and photograph editor. Although she specializes in photographing food (num num num!) she’s been helping us photograph our work and we can’t thank her enough for her efforts.

Erick and Emily of Hello Home Shoppe asked us to help their burgeoning sandwich enterprise. Since then we’ve become vocal champions of each other’s work and good fiends. We can’t wait for them to open their sandwich shop so we can become their best customers.

Let’s Be Friends!

Get in touch and come visit us at our new office!

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