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Tuesday March 5, 2013

Year One

After our first year in business we wanted to write a post sharing our experiences and hopes for year two. Being transparent with our audience is important to us, it’s a part of our brand and something we want to be known for.

Thank you

We want to say thank you to our followers, likers, pinners, plussers and any other kind of enthusiast that came across our work and gave it a second thought. Thank you! Of course we need to say an extra special thank you to our clients. They’ve not only kept us in business but they’ve shown us the value of what we do. Their ideas and criticism guide our work whilst keeping our bills paid, they afford us our dream jobs and we love them.

Ups and Downs

We both went full time in July 2012 and since then we’ve overcome the challenges of living and working in one of the UK’s most expensive cities. There were a few weeks where we didn’t know if we’d manage to pay the bills at the end of the month but with belief in our product and some luck we pulled through. We’ve averaged over two projects a month, which was hectic at times and uncomfortable at others. We specialise in high-quality, personality-driven products and in year two we’ll need to spend more time on each project to get to where we’d like to be.

What we’ve learned

Our clients love us being proud of our work. When we believe the product is complete they tend to trust us. We’ve learned that the best wedding stationery isn’t necessarily expensive and we’ve made an effort to offer more affordable stationery. We’ve changed our prices a couple of times to make it fair for everyone; a wedding with 50 guests is more affordable than one with 150 guests, now our stationery prices reflect that difference.

We’ve also learned that we’re not for everyone, which is a valuable lesson. Some people don’t care for what we do and whilst we love our work we encourage diversity in all things, stationery included. We’re very grateful for the clients that enthuse about our work!

What we’ve improved

We’ve changed considerably as a company over the past year. We’ve grown our branding, developed the second version of our website and added ready-made stationery to our repertoire, whilst completing 26 portrait and stationery projects. We’ve got about 14 projects on the go at the moment and our young business is going from strength to strength. We’ve also made a big effort to improve our process with every client. How we communicate with prospective clients, our policies, contingencies, how we package and ship our work, most of how we work is now better than ever.

What we want to do in future

We talk a lot about having a storefront where anyone can come and see what we’re doing and where we can be more a part of our community. Designing things can be a private, sedentary lifestyle and we’re conscious of needing to be more open and inclusive.

We love being inspired by talented people and we hope to involve some of the people we’ve come across in our business at some point, working with new and exciting talent to sell their work under Jolly Edition.

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