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Custom Process

Since 2012 Laura Shema has offered the truest custom approach to wedding stationery. What does custom mean and look like? She sells simple packages which can be tailored to your needs upon request.

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The idea of a formal research process can be intimidating to clients new to commissining artwork and design, but the common feedback from clients sounds something like 'this is so much fun, I'm happy to have this space to figure out just what I'd like.' Having been through the wedding planning process herself, Laura makes research the key stage of the project to ensure success through thorough planning. How does she do this?

Written Research

Questions specific to the event—what will it look like? What cannot be overlooked?—are best documented in writing to keep an objective reference to the project. Before Laura makes anything she's careful to understand the clients' needs.

Visual Research

Adjectives are evocative but subjective; two clients describing a 'rustic yet chic' event likely have very different ideas in mind. Examples of what those adjectives mean to each client using imagery helps inform Laura's concept of the artwork and design.

Each client has enough time to properly understand and contribute to their research. Laura is always there to advise should anything be less than obvious.


Once the client feels good about their research Laura will review to make sure she has everything she needs to confidently present the idea for the design. That idea is named the Concept. As part of her Concept Laura presents:

Layout Sketch
What goes where, broadly speaking.
The key colors.
Format specifications
The shape and size of any printed goods.
Special touches to elevate the finsihed product.
Printing Options
Laura will present the printing options she believes the project will benefit from.
Timing Specifics
Once the Concept is presented Laura will have more accurate details on exactly when to expect the finished design.

The point of the Concept is to align expectations between Laura and the client. Because it's such a thorough projection of the design, the only surprises after the Concept should be good ones. Of course, since the Concept is the formative stage, it's important the plan for the following Design stage is sound. It's only natural for clients to have questions or concerns about the ideas presented in the Concept. By delaying the heavy lifting of the artwork and design the planning becomes of greater importance, but the ability to shift ideas and change direction remains possible later. Instead of racing to paint the design Laura's process steadily builds the research into the Concept at a slower pace to avoid the need for changes.

Changes are rare with Laura, although she's happy to make simpler changes free of charge to get the design finished.


Once the reserach and Concept are agreed the hard work begins for Laura. The nature of custom work means every project is different. Whatever the Design entails, it's Laura's challenge to make the thousands of tiny decisions that combine to make a finished piece; her clients are in expert hands whose decades of experience inform her choices. Only when Laura is happy with her work does she neatly present is to the client.

There's no design without a client and there's no product without the client's invaluable research and buy-in for the Concept. Feedback is an expected part of design and a professional designer can field all the feedback a client shares.

Design Packages

Choose from three simple design packages; Starter—the essential items; Middle—design for all before-the-day, day-of, and after-the-day items; Large—all design plus printing included.

Printing Costs

Printing (50 sets) is included with the Large Package. For Starter and Middle packages, additional print prices are summarized below (clients may print separately themselves).

  Name Size $ each Sets Subtotal
  Name Size $ each Sets Subtotal
Save the date 4.625" x 6.25" $2.25 50 $112.50
Invite 5" x 7" $2.25 50 $112.50
  Details card 4.625" x 6.25" $2 50 $100
Reply card 3.475" x 4.875" $1.75 50 $87.50
To print everything in the Starter package $412.50
  Map 5" x 7" $2 50 $100
  Rehearsal invite 3.475" x 4.875" $1.50 50 $75
Thank you card 3.475" x 4.875" $1.75 50 $87.50
  Menu 5" x 7" $2 50 $200
  Program 5" x 7" $2 50 $200
  Seating chart 18" x 24" $75 1 $75
  Escort card 3" x 3" $3.50 50 $175
  Place card 3" x 3" $3.50 50 $175
  Drinks menu 11" x 14" $20 2 $40
To print everything in the Middle package $1,540

All the following extras are available. Typically these are added to the project as a suggestion by Laura in the Concept based on a thematic benefit. (E.g. 'because we're producing a sky-at-night save the date, I'd suggest using white foil printing.') Clients do not have to agree to printing embellishments; they increase price and require more time to produce.

Foil printing
Very think sheets of metallic foil are heated and pressed against the paper's surface using a custom metal plate.
Double- or triple-thick paper
Multiplying the paper thickness can create a more substantial, luxurious feel.
Edge painting
The finished prints are cut, stacked and sprayed with paint to produe a colored, rather than plain, edge. (Works well with double- or triple-thick paper.
Complex format
It's common to change from a standard paper sheet to a more complex format, usually including at least one fold. This can include mounted paper on paper and mounted pockets.
A classic upgrade to a traditional printing method. Instead of digital printing, ink is applied to a raised surface and pressed against each print to leave an indented image on the surface.

All the above embellishments are optional upgrades to standard printing. The price for each depends on the specifics of the given project.


Ask anything you like, Laura's seen and done it all.

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