Most of the time we’re asked questions about our products and processes. What we make and how we make it is very different from most companies. We’ve created this list of frequently asked questions in the order they come up in our process. If you want to know something which isn’t explained here please just get in touch. Or even Tweet us. We’ll get back to you the same day.

How Much Does Your Stationery Cost?

Our stationery suites starts from $2 per print. Custom stationery starts from $600.

What is Custom Stationery?

When working with a new client we begin with nothing but questions. The client tells us about their celebration, what they’re looking for us to capture and how we can make them happy. We use the answers to their questions to provide original artwork and design.

How Long Does a Typical Project Take?

It depends on the type of project but we’re generally very quick:

Type of project Time
Stationery 2–4 weeks
Custom 8–12 weeks

What Kinds of Printing Do You Offer?

We print all our work on FSC certified, 100% recycled card stock using digital indigo printing. We also offer letterpress, foil and combination printing.

With our custom stationery, yes. We’ll supply you (or your printer) with the digital files necessary to get your stationery printed.

How Do You Ship Your Projects?

We use USPS Priority Mail. In most cases, within the USA, these are received within four days of us sending them. If we’ve agreed to deliver print ready digital files we’ll send you a link to download them from a secure location.

Do You Hand Paint Each Piece of Stationery?

No. We create illustration and design which we then print identical copies of and sell to our clients.

Do You Offer Design for Businesses?

We do all our own design work. Once upon a time that’s all we did. Get in touch and let’s talk through what you’re looking for.