Wednesday May 8, 2019

April 2019’s Projects

By Jolly Edition

It’s so satisfying to see the wedding stationery I’ve made in context of the actual wedding day! Look at this drop dead gorgeous wedding style; the color palette, flatware and florals are so lush and dramatic, perfectly complement one of my favorite projects!
Close-up of the Emily & Dan's Baltimore Map
A vacation in a wedding invite, yes please. Leigh & Rich asked me to design materials for their enviable destination wedding — NYC to Montego Bay, Jamaica— in a unique, quirky style that introduced the look and feel of their event experience. Their stationery items include save the date postcard, a fold-out invitation cover, an events booklet and rsvp.
Love, love, love desert landscapes, the colors, the plants, and mountains. I’m an east coast kid and would revel in a bit of Southwest charm. Original artwork of Sedona, AZ for an exciting upcoming project!
Let’s all go to Egypt 🐪 🐫🌴 Shoshanna provided the most beautiful ethereal, sandy shots as inspiration for me to paint as an homage to her super special family vacay 🥇More to come from this project