Monday November 28, 2016

November’s Projects

By Jolly Edition

Starting off November’s post with some better photos of our most ambitious program design we’ve ever had the pleasure of making. Christina and Rhys requested us to design a 24-page program with correlating illustrations, a gold foil cover page, and each program was individually hand-bound.

Blog Post November 2016 Gold foil cover and illustrated program for Jamaican and Welsh wedding by Laura Shema for Jolly Edition.
Illustrations of Golden Eye Hotel in Jamaica, where Christina and Rhys' ceremony and reception took place.
Blog Post November 2016 Let There Be Love wedding planner logo by Laura Shema
Earlier this month we got to play around with some branding material for Jessica Pachuta, a whip smart wedding planner and coordinator in Maine, who will now be known as Let There Be Love.
Blog Post November 2016 king protea painting by Laura Shema
The original artwork for an expedited project we got to work on for Chelsea. Many King Protea's and an island map.
Blog Post November 2016 tropical island map painting by Laura Shema
Original artwork for another tropical celebration.
Blog Post November 2016 Destination map invitation to 40th birthday by Laura Shema
We've been working on Michelle's big birthday bash for a couple months. In the summer we completed her Save the Date. This is a close up of her official invitation celebrating her 100th destination that this lovely globe trotter has travelled.
Blog Post November 2016 Our New Home letterpress printed announcement designed by Laura Shema
Our New Home announcement and holiday card. Letter press printed by the ever talented BowerBox Press with a silvery blue ink on natural white savoy paper. We wanted it to be simple, homey and warm to reflect how we feel.
Blog Post November 2016 thanksgiving christmas family illustration designed by Laura Shema
We've just begun Holiday card season! Continuing with this family portrait of Laura H's three kids and two furry kids (westie's)