Monday October 31, 2016

October’s Projects

By Jolly Edition

Although we’re known as Jolly Edition we’re just Laura and Tom. It’s been over two years since taking any time off work, aside from the odd Saturday or Thanksgiving. We took some time out for ourselves this October packing in a big European vacation to see friends and family, and we hit a big personal milestone; we bought our first home!

Jolly Edition goes to Paris
October 7 marks our fifth wedding anniversary. The only place we wanted to spend the day was Paris! We got to meet Sarah Andreacchio (in person!) and received a guided tour from her husband, Emmanuel Kerner.
Jolly Edition goes to London
In London we stopped by 22 Baker Street (home to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson) and Regent's Park (home to many pigeons).
Jolly Edition goes to Rochester
One of our long-time friend's Tiffany Grant-Riley (and her husband Rob) made us feel very welcome amid their little family in Rochester, home to some amazing Dickensian architecture.
Jolly Edition October 2016 Blog Post
Back in the States, towards the end of October we had a (very) little time for a few extra bits before our big move. Here's our moving/holiday card for our loved ones to know where we're going.
Jolly Edition October 2016 Blog Post – Karson Butler logo
Miraculously we found time to whip together a last-minute logo for Karson Butler's new storefront. We were very happy to help in a pinch. We love the way it turned out.
Jolly Edition October 2016 Blog Post – Nashville Save the Date
Frankie and Garrett's travel poster-inspired Nashville save the date was one of only a few projects finished this month, but we had a great time working on it and the couple were thrilled with their save the dates.