Wednesday September 28, 2016

September’s Projects

By Jolly Edition

September has been full of beautiful projects, details and deep hues. We took the opportunity to play around with formats, including a tri-fold fold-out program, a 24-page illustrated half-fold program, and a new 12″x16″ Baltimore Map.

The past month we’ve been finishing up our current projects without starting anything new — which is beyond strange in this office — as we head off to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary in Europe. So much of September’s work has been making sure everyone’s taken care of and creating some space in our calendar for a soft landing upon our return.

While we’re out, take a look at the following videos of some of our most recently printed and published projects.

Continued from last month is our proof of Sasha & Boris' tri-fold fold-out program and details card.
Blog Post September 2016 :  watercolor florals. illustrated by Laura Shema for Jolly Edition
Sasha & Boris have a beautiful story. Both refugees who found success in New York and love in each other. Their program expands on their love story for friends and family to enjoy.
Blog Post September 2016 Gold foil pressed program for Jamaican and Welsh wedding by Laura Shema for Jolly Edition.
One of the most spectacular projects we've had the pleasure to work on for two of the kindest clients. Christina & Rhys' gold foil program cover is the perfect introduction to their 24-page illustrated program. The gold emblem is a combination of the Jamaican crest and Welsh feathers. More photos to come next month!
Blog Post September 2016 Deep contrast florals for Jamie and Marc's CT wedding by Laura Shema for Jolly Edition.
Deep hues and contrasting florals set the mood for Jamie and Marc's 2017 wedding in Connecticut.
Blog Post September 2016 Gold Deco wedding invitation with deep berry background for German wedding by Laura Shema for Jolly Edition.
Continuing that deep berry palette is Gwen and Marcel's Deco invitation for their sophisticated wedding in Germany.
Blog Post September 2016 Coasta Rican wedding invitation and map by Laura Shema for Jolly Edition.
A peek into Rae & Drew's Costa Rican winky wedding invite.
Blog Post September 2016 Baltimore, Maryland map by Laura Shema for Jolly Edition.
Our Baltimore map, featuring all our local favorites. Now available on our Etsy store.