Friday April 29, 2016

April’s Projects

By Jolly Edition

Oil paint was the only medium Laura used in her work until five years ago, when she eloped with Tom to start Jolly Edition. Although oil was the default choice while working with Jeff Koons’ studio in New York, accrylic, gauche, watercolor, ink, and purely digital approaches have been our mainstay since then. April’s most exciting challenges has been re-introducing oils to our range of mediums.

Laura’s passion is adapting to the individual brief, which she does so successfully — it’s why you’re reading this. We usually stick to gauche or acrylic because oil paint is a high-maintenance material — it wrecks brushes, dries slower, and the chemicals are caustic. Two of this month’s projects had research which included beautifully painted, thick, smooth, creamy oil paint. In this case it was the perfect medium to achieve the look the project called for, although it was terrifying to paint with oils again. But once Laura got started she remembered why she loved it so much, and it quickly felt like play.

Oil paint aside, there are plenty of fascinating projects to talk about this April, each of which are thrilling, and unique.


jolly edition -van gogh inspired
Elana & Ben's research uncovered images that included plenty of color, a ton of texture and a love for sprawling hills. Channeling wet-on-wet paint techniques and Van Gogh we dove in head first.
Jolly Edition April Blog Posts - teal painting
Lauren & Tabatha's oil painting, inspired by quick, thick strokes of paint mixed with thin washes. It was a fun experiment especially with the bold colors we were able to play with.
jolly edition april blog posts - deco save the date
The great Stephanie Shafer is back with more unbelievable Deco-inspired design. Cristina & Riley's bilingual celebration required stationery in English and Spanish — one side for each. We buried Easter eggs in the design as a nod to Cristina and Riley's fun side. (Which house are you?)
Jolly Edition April Blog Posts - dc viineyard wedding
A sweet vignette for Jen and Nate's Virginia vineyard wedding. How great would it be to get invited to this scene?
Jolly Edition April Blog Posts - harold maude inspired invitation
Lindsay and Jason's invitation suite is one our most free-spirited, fun projects. The florals are inspired heavily by Harold and Maude's decor using big flowers and harvest colors from the 70's. Illustration by our spirit animal, Elizabeth Graeber.
Jolly Edition April Blog Posts - new york tropical invitations
Laura adores painting tropical plants and palms, so Kortni & Andrew's Bird of Paradise plants we're a thrill to produce. This is a close up of original artwork.
Jolly Edition April Blog Posts - new york tropical invitations
Another detail of an original palm painting.
Jolly Edition April Blog Posts - adirondack invite
We left Melanie & Leah's stationery — illustration by Katie Harnett — with thier charming Adirondack save the date. We're back with their amazing tri-fold invitation which includes this map. It will be one of our most interesting formats when it's all printed and photographed.
Jolly Edition April Blog Posts - copper foil save the date
We've printed silver, gold, and white foil, but here's our first copper foil design. Rachel & Jeff's save the date features a simple silhouette of Baltimore's Dye House and iconic twin lion statues. Foil printing by Baltimore's own BowerBox Press.