Thursday December 31, 2015

December’s Projects

By Tom Hart

Our fourth year in business came to an unseasonably warm end with a flurry of projects coming to a close just in time for the holidays. The year’s end always throws some surprises our way and this year was no different; Mala and Praveen, a chirpy young couple marrying in Thailand at a wedding consisting of five ceremonies. Five times the excitement, five times the work, and five times the detail. We happily took on the project knowing it would become a trophy project to keep us smiling through the new year.

Britany and Benjamin's custom wedding stationery design by Jolly Edition
Britany and Benjamin's project came to a beautiful end, with Margie, Ramey, Lewis adorning their big, soft florals across their range of custom stationery.
Ann's holiday custom holiday card design by Jolly Edition
One of our very favorite client's buys a custom holiday card from us every year. This year Ann asked us for a design including her two girls off exploring together. We loved putting this design together. Go find an adventure, kids!
Isabel and Martin custom wedding stationery design by Jolly Edition
Isabel and Martin's custom invitation and RSVP card came together in such a beautifully fitting way this month. Next we'll be working on the fold-out map to help their Norwegian guests to make sense of the mad little city in the Texan desert where they're marrying. We can't wait. Illustration by Arianna Berk.
2015 Holiday Card design by Jolly Edition
We didn't have much spare time this month but we carved out a few hours to put this neat bunch of illustration together featuring our favorite things: hooch, hot drinks, seasonal mirth (see hooch), and, not pictured, Christmas Pudding.
Mala and Praveen's custom stationery design progress by Jolly Edition
Despite the short timeline for Mala and Praveen's project its scope is larger than anything we've done in a long time. Few projects demand such an intense, varied, exacting range of ingredients, the beats for which we have to hit just right. There's even an additional program card to top off their five-part celebration, each more detailed and intricate than the last. This is going to be a thrill to produce and a project we're hoping will excite you all.