Monday November 30, 2015

November’s Projects

By Tom Hart

With Thanksgiving around the corner November always feels like half a month, our clients busily preparing for a spell of hibernation with their friends and family. We like to power through the holidays to fit as much work into every moment we can, and after the fun of inktober we found ourselves with even more time to utilize. So we’ve plenty to share with you, including three stages of a huge map project we had the pleasure to produce.

Anna and Adam's custom map design by Jolly Edition
The south is an explosion of color, flavor and life, it's so easy for us to use that energy and make exciting things for people like Anna and Adam, who are marrying in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. We'd love to go to the south more (and we'll work for flight tickets!). We put together this 12" x 16" fold-out map for their guests, both native and out-of-towners.
Jolly Edition custom wedding stationery, gold foil letter press and hand-deckled rustic wedding programs by Laura Shema
Marisa and Whitney's wedding was a super fancy Roman event. We came up with the idea of hand-deckled (ripped edges), hand-stitched, gold foil programs. Fit for an emperor's wedding.
Natalie and James' custom map design sketch by Jolly Edition
A lovely mystery — we don't want to ruin any surprises! — couple asked us to design “a roadmap of our first years — how we met, fell in love, became best friends, and grew up together (in that order).” It's been a spectacular project to work on and provided ample opportunity to show the stages of how we move our projects forwards. Here's the sketch stage, full of scribbles denoting composition.
Natalie and James' custom map design drawing by Jolly Edition
When we have agreement on composition we move onto refining the details, increasing the fidelity of the line work to provide the skeleton for the finished artwork.
Natalie and James' custom map design inking by Jolly Edition
Once we have agreement on the drawing we move onto finessing the design. In this instance that means inking over the drawing to provide the value of the finished artwork. Next we'll be putting together a digital wash over the top to provide the artwork's hue, before hand lettering the locations.
Rachel and Matt's custom invitation design by Jolly Edition
Rachel and Matt are bravely preparing for their January wedding in Vermont amongst these charming critters. They were such a fun couple to work with and their celebration is sure to be the winter wonderland they were hoping for.
Rachel and Matt's custom RSVP card design by Jolly Edition
We couldn't resist posting a shot of Rachel and Matt's RSVP card. Fox was not on the menu.
Hattie and Alun's custom invitation design by Jolly Edition
For some reason Welsh clients are always unfailingly kind, we love working with them. We hand painted the beautiful architecture — and stadia — of the Welsh capital sandwiched amongst the verdant Welsh hillocks for their custom wedding stationery.
Erin and Austin's custom map design by Jolly Edition
Another huge map project with another lovely couple from down south. These guys are teasing us with beautiful places we've never had the pleasure to see for ourselves. Here's Erin and Austin's custom map with places they've called home dotted around the composition. More projects like this would be very welcome.