Thursday October 29, 2015

September’s Projects

By Tom Hart

Summer’s end gave us a balance of projects coming to an end and exciting new projects finding their feet. Katie Harnett finished up a Virginian wedding project, Mia Dunton fleshed-out a Hampton wedding map, and we had the pleasure of working with two new (to us) illustrators: Clair Rossiter and Joy Laforme.

Hannah & Drew's Custom Wedding Stationery by Jolly Edition and Clair Rossiter
Although we know Hilton Head, South Carolina well from previous projects, we had the pleasure of working with another new illustrator this month, Clair Rossiter. Her vibrant, youthful aesthetic was the perfect fit for Hannah & Drew's save the date map, filled with exciting things to see and do; who couldn't have a good time on Hilton Head?
Shoshanna Custom Holiday Card by Jolly Edition
Long-time favorite Shoshanna returned for this year's holiday card, inspired by Italian cinema and featuring an interesting juxtaposition of content and form.
Eleanor & Tim's Custom Wedding Stationery by Jolly Edition and Katie Harnett
Eleanor and Tim's custom stationery project came to an end with their beautiful, fun invitation and RSVP combo. Katie Harnett had fun painting the couple's goat, named Fancypants, for the second time, following their goat-filled save the date earlier this year.
Melissa & Eric Custom Wedding Stationery by Jolly Edition and Joy Laforme
Californians Mellissa & Eric asked us to design custom stationery for their charming woodland celebration. Joy Laforme's storybook aesthetic was the perfect fit to set the perfect tone.
Connie & Sean Custom Map by Jolly Edition and Mia Dunton
Connie and Sean's Hamptons wedding offered so many sights they asked us to design a custom map to hand their guests on arrival. Here's a detail shot of the map, illustration by Mia Dunton, packed with landmarks.