Monday August 24, 2015

July’s Projects

By Tom Hart

Some months provide a long list of finessed projects that come to an end mid-month, July was a month of busy logistics and the details that push projects forwards in anticipation of the closing stages. There were lots of familiar illustrators this month — Sarah Andreacchio, Emma Block, Elizabeth Graeber, and Katie Harnett — but also plenty of new faces; Vikki Chu, Mia Dunton, and Clair Rossiter all pushing out our aesthetic options, broadening our offering in their own unique ways.

Jessica & Kia's custom wedding invitation fold out booklet with illustrated custom map by Jolly Edition and Vikki Chu
Few venues demand the respect of the Beverly Wilshire, adding that personality into an already lively design was a challenge we overcame by spreading illustration across six panels in Jessica and Kia's accordion-fold invitation/map/RSVP tearaway combination card.
Adele & Joe's custom wedding Invitation and RSVP by Jolly Edition and Elizabeth Graeber
The D.C. area can be an expectant audience for wedding stationery. Formal ingredients, limited palettes, and grand calligraphy can stifle exciting projects before they're conceived. Adele and Joe were excited to let loose from the get go, with Elizabeth Graeber's expressive illustration boldly introducing their celebration.
Hannah & Drew Custom Wedding Stationery Sketch by Jolly Edition and Clair Rossiter
We spotted Clair Rossiter's superb work back in June. After reaching out we found a great fit for her aesthetic in Hannah & Drew's bright, effervescent South Carolinian celebration. This is the sketch stage of the custom process where we define composition and speculate on line quality.
Courtney & Matthew's custom illustrated wedding stationery with bulldog and pitbull for rustic farm wedding by Jolly Edition & Sarah Andreacchio
Courtney and Matthew's custom wedding stationery was a real triumph for us, marrying Sarah Andreacchio's beautiful work with the rustic, farmland ingredients to choose from. Sarah's love for illustration, and illustrators, powers her diverse, brilliantly imaginative work. Courtney and Matthew's belief in our vision enabled us to push for an intricate design filled by their narrative. Oh, and any time we get to illustrate dogs, especially ones with wheels, is a happy day for us.
Kelsey & Scott's Custom Wedding Save the Date's by Jolly Edition and Emma Block
Hot on the heels of Lindsay and Troy's project, illustrated by Katie Harnett, Kelsey (Lindsay's sister, who was also marrying) asked us to work on her Save the Date. We excitedly accepted and responded with the perfect tonal fit for the airy, romantic brushwork of Emma Block.
Serena & Simone Custom Wedding Stationery Drawing by Jolly Edition & Katie Harnett
Italian couple Serena & Simone commissioned us to work on a custom illustration for their upcoming garden party wedding, illustrated by Katie Harnett, the queen of the outdoor scene. This is the drawing stage where we finesse the line quality and introduce a hint of the palette to be used in the final design.
Tiffany & Jamey's Custom Wedding Save the Date by Jolly Edition and Mia Dunton
Mia Dunton emailed us and submitted her portfolio at the very beginning of July. A week later we had the perfect project for her in Tiffany and Jamey's vibrant, lively Georgian Save the Date, with Dani, Kaylee, and Macy, the couple's canine kids, announcing the celebration.