Thursday May 28, 2015

May’s Projects

By Tom Hart

We’ve been working on a range of custom projects in May, from wedding stationery to baby shower invitations, with a multitude of talented illustrators, some by our JE classics — Emma Block, Elizabeth Graeber, Katie Harnett, Livi Gosling — and some new names we’re excited to add to our brand — Sarah Andreacchio, Vikki Chu, Dinara Mirtilapova, Lydia Nichols, Stephanie Shafer. We’re going to write a monthly post with our highlights, here’s our favorite goings-on from May. It’s been a busy one.

Kristina Baby Shower Invitation by Sarah Andreacchio of Jolly Edition
We found Sarah Andracchio's work through Sara Barnes of Brwn Paper Bag and immediately reached out to her to see if she'd be interested in working with us. Her wonderful work is a perfect fit with our brand — upbeat, optimistic and fun. Kristina asked us to design her baby shower invitations so we asked Sarah to help. It's an instant classic. Here's an overlay of the drawing and artwork/design stages.
Jessica & Kia by Vikki Chu
We asked Vikki Chu to help with Jessica and Kia's Persian-American celebration because her work tends to be delicate, intricate and all together beautiful. Her lovely ink work gave us the perfect look and feel to marry the aesthetics in this custom wedding stationery project. Here's Vikki's drawing stage for their project.
Sarah and Jeffrey's custom wedding stationery by Lydia Nichols of Jolly Edition
One of our biggest design-crushes is on the unrivaled Lydia Nichols, the breadth and depth of her technical skill and lovely personality make her a pleasure to work with. We met Lydia in March (check that off the Bucket List) and in May we began working together on Sarah and Jeffrey's custom wedding stationery. Here's an overview of Lydia's line work for their invitation and RSVP, showing the thoughtfulness of her ideas.
Jen and Dan by Ana Petrak of Jolly Edition
Ana Petrak is another new illustrator but someone we've been watching for years. Her effortless charm has been honed over years of work for huge clients like Ikea and the BBC. We bashfully approached Ana at the start of the year and, to our surprise, she warmly accepted our offer to work with us on Jen and Dan's custom wedding stationery. Here's the progression from sketch(book) to drawing.
Sarah & Monet's Drawing for their custom wedding stationery by Stephanie Shafer of Jolly Edition
We're so lucky to be working with Stephanie Shafer, one of the most talented and imaginative illustrators around. This project is for a lovely Georgian couple looking to include their pets in their deco-inspired wedding, we're so excited to see this develop.
Jenn and Manuel's custom wedding stationery by Stephanie Shafer of Jolly Edition
Our second project with Stephanie Shafer has been for a super interesting Californian couple tying the knot. Jenn and Manuel asked us to include the sunset, the moon, the pacific ocean, a campfire, whales, their whole family and their roaming black cat. Oh, and the entire universe: “Manny and I are fascinated by quantum physics, space-time fabric, distant galaxies, the search for life on other planets and the connections in our universe.” We obliged with a tall format to seamlessly incorporate their beautiful ingredients baked into the nighttime scene. Here's Stephanie's drawing of their custom wedding invitation and RSVP.