Thursday January 1, 2015

New Year’s Resolutions

By Jolly Edition

Happy New Year! We took the opportunity the holidays provided to move 20 miles from Baltimore County to Baltimore City. Here’s what else we’ve been busy doing and what 2015 looks like for us.

We had a blast this past year and managed to accomplish a lot of the goals from our

2014 New Year’s Resolutions list:

  • Add a project manager: We managed to find a spectacular project manager and overall talented, smart lady, Rachel Verhaaren. She’s helped our company keep full steam ahead when Tom and Laura had to focus on outside projects. Rachel has kept a consistent, friendly and organized approach; working with Rachel has proven to be our smartest decision of 2014. (Thank you Rachel!)
  • Add a range of work by talented illustrators: We have added work from the likes of Katie Harnett, Katie Wilson, Elizabeth Graeber, Emma Block, Emmeline Pidgen, Lesser Gonzalez, Stephanie Shafer, Jessie Bayliss and Livi Gosling. We love that we have had the opportunity to offer such talented names under our name.
  • Offer more diverse printing formats: pamphlet, accordion folding, address printing and custom liners. We even found a way to print wallpaper if you’re interested in hanging our work all over your home!
  • Offer calligraphy: we found the wonderful Jenny Muffler. Removing as much of the hassle, worry, and stress from finding wedding stationery as we can and sourcing our own talented calligrapher is one more way to better serve our clients.
  • Move to Baltimore City: where it all began for Laura. Having a diverse art community on our doorstop is not something we’ve had before and we want to take full advantage of it. Baltimore is an underrated and often overlooked city — we want to build a meaningful legacy for and with Charm City.


2015 New Year goals:

  • Adding even more work by more illustrators.
  • Collaborating with quality printers from around the world to be more helpful to our international audiences.
  • More products: We’d love to extend our offering of stationery and cards to more diverse products like tea towels, gift wrap, note books, personal stationery, etc.
  • Family products for Babies, Kids or just Home Goods for families to enjoy. We’ve been watching some of our good friends and first clients grow their families and we’re excited to create products and goodies for them. Making fun, spirited designs is sort of our thing and family products encourage that kind of thinking so it’s a perfect alignment!
  • Events. We want to get out of the office and be in our new community as much as possible by both visiting and showing at events in 2015. Get in touch and let’s go to something together.
  • Acquire more office plants.
  • Get a cat or dog buddy for our loudmouth cat, Maya.

What does 2015 look like for you? We hope whatever you do this year that we get the chance to get together and enjoy as much of it with you as possible.