Sunday November 30, 2014

Wedding Update from Up North

By Jolly Edition

We’ve got a wedding update from a lovely JE couple who were just married! Natasha and Jason were married in Canada this past October.

“The invitations were a hit with friends and family. I think my favorite response had to be “This isn’t a wedding invite…this is art!” So once again thanks for the hard work and tailoring us a one of a kind invitation. You two are the best.”

This week was also Thanksgiving. We hope everyone’s had a lot of fun with their families or maybe just having a break from the daily grind is enough to be thankful for. After Thanksgiving marks that time of the year when everyone starts thinking about presents! We have been playing around with Elizabeth Graeber’s illustrations to make festive patterns for the Holiday season. We’re so excited to get these printed!

jolly edition natasha wedding stationery
Natasha and Jason's invitation and information card
jolly edition patterns by elizabeth graeber
stars, poinsettia and sun bursts, oo la la
jolly edition patterns by elizabeth graeber
Fancy bulldogs, herb garden and a dog party