Saturday November 8, 2014

Family Moving Announcement and First Birthday

By Jolly Edition

A lot of cool updates this week!

Firstly, we were pleasantly surprised to see one of our favorite couples, Ilona and David received photographs from their gorgeous wedding! Lee Garland who is incidentally super nice and friendly took the most gorgeous photos of their wedding which you can look through at Save the Date Magazine blog.

Our own Katie Harnett has been working on this gem, an illustrated moving announcement (address edited out):


Moving announcement by Katie Harnett

Our illustration thunder from down under Katie Wilson has also been working up a storm! We often get to be part of the start of a family’s journey together by making wedding stationery so when we’re asked to create something welcoming a new member of the family, we’re happy to jump at the chance!

Seema came to us ready with ideas for her baby boy’s first birthday. “I created a [Pinterest] board for Kavi’s birthday when he was only 5 months old!”

The idea was to create a woodland feel with a fold out accordion format so that the bear will look normal when folded and then all of the information can unfold when an invitee opens their card.


Katie Wilson painting Kavi’s bear


Our biggest man in the biz, Tom, is our hand model showing off Kavi’s first invite