Monday March 18, 2013

Coming to America

By Jolly Edition

We’re very excited to announce that we’re about to move from the UK to the United States. We’ve been living in Cambridge (UK) for a couple of years now and it’s where we happily quit our day jobs and started our business together last year.

What This Means for Our Clients

Business as usual. We’re not changing anything about our business with this move. We’ll just be working for a different 12 hours from the 24 available. Our clients tend to come from the Americas, Australasia and the UK and for two of those we’ll be closer to our clients. This should make it easier to agree on arranging Skype calls but beyond that there’s no change.

Where We’re Moving to

Amongst the hilled green vistas of Maryland lies a small city, Ellicott City. Its’ Main Street is lined with antique stores, flavourful restaurants and coffee shops. It’s twenty minutes drive from Baltimore, which is about twice the size of Cambridge with more than five times the population. More than that it’s a region with an active creative community flowing from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) into channels of local and regional commerce. Philadelphia sits on Baltimore’s doorstep at a relatively close two hour drive, New York is within a comfortable four hours.

For any The Wire enthusiasts, all they need to know is that we’ll be Westsiders.

What We’re Hoping to do in Ellicott City

We’ll be working from a bigger studio with better amenities and the luxuries that go with car ownership. As we suggested, this is a big change for us but for our audience little will change beyond pricing our products in dollars rather than pounds and spelling the odd word, well, oddly. We’ll be working harder than ever to get out, meet our new neighbours and to make new friends. We’ve already exchanged a few emails with some future neighbours and they seem very nice. We’re excited to meet new people so if we’re moving in nearby feel free to send us an email or a tweet and let’s go for a coffee!