Sunday December 2, 2012


By Jolly Edition

We’re constantly trying to find new ways of improving what we do at Jolly HQ. We’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to find a better way of making our prices easier to understand, our website easier to use and our process—the way we run our projects with clients—more transparent.

Until now we’ve priced our work by ‘packages’. In most cases our clients want a unique quantity and type(s) of stationery than we could offer in our packages. We now refer to our packages as suites. Almost every client we’ve had has asked us ‘how much is this suite for x number of prints?’ Instead of pricing by suite, we now price our work by the print. This is more transparent and easier to benchmark against our competitors prices. On that note, we’ve not found anyone who does what we do. Our work is completely custom, personal and one of a kind.

Our website now has more work examples, a rejigged navigation to focus more on products, a simple, detailed walk through of our new pricing and a new blog to better engage with our audience. It was important for us to focus more on the stories of our couples’ occasions. We invest time and energy in getting to know our clients to fulfil the personality of their event. Documenting the stories we tell in our work is integral to our brand and we now have a much more powerful way of communicating them.

We have introduced this blog to share our news and expertise. Choosing the right stationery is not easy but we’re working hard to change that by advising how to avoid stationery that’s disappointing, exposing how we work and why custom stationery can be the right choice for such a personal event.

We love working with our clients to make beautiful things. The work we’ve put into making our website easier and more transparent is to share more of what we do with the people we want to work with. We hope you enjoy the changes!

Laura and Tom.x