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Meet Our Illustrators

Mary and Michael's custom wedding stationery by Emma Block of Jolly Edition

Emma Block

Quintessentially romantic, Parisian elegance defines Emma's watercolor aesthetic which she enjoys applying to couples, pets and flora and fauna. See all Emma's Projects

Lesser Gonzalez of Jolly Edition
Lara and Geoff by Lesser Gonzalez of Jolly Edition

Lesser Gonzalez

A distinctly modern, playful and graphic skew to his predominantly digital work. He often crafts his own typography, characters and shapes. See Lesser's' work

Elizabeth Graeber of Jolly Edition
Ariel and Jon by Jolly Edition

Elizabeth Graeber

Bold, confident and effortlessly stylish. Elizabeth breathes personality into any subject matter, animals, people or plants, using pencil, pen and ink. See all Elizabeth's Projects

Katie Harnett of Jolly Edition
Emma and Chris by Katie Harnett of Jolly Edition

Katie Harnett

Playful, quirky and rustic illustrations are perfect for chic and romantic events. She loves to focus on nature and characters. See Katie's' work

Stephanie Shafer of Jolly Edition
Sam and Mike by Stephanie Shafer of Jolly Edition

Stephanie Shafer

Bold, clean and modern. Her compelling compositions are impossible to forget and are a perfect introduction to any celebration. See Stephanie's' work

Laura Shema
Natalie and Mika

Laura Shema

Laura loves to embellish the personality of her projects using acrylic and gouache paint. See all Laura's Projects

Katie Wilson of Jolly Edition
Judith and Steve's Custom Wedding Stationery Project by Katie Wilson of Jolly Edition

Katie Wilson

An organic palette and love of the natural world define Katie’s rustic, folksy aesthetic. See Katie's' work

Our process

Since 2012 we've completed hundreds of projects for clients all over the world. We have a proven process which we use on every project to ensure every client gets the most from their time with us.


When working with a new client we begin with nothing but questions. The client tells us about their celebration, what they're looking for us to capture and how we can make them happy. We use the answers to their questions to provide original artwork and designs. That's custom!


When we understand what our clients want we work on planning their project, using the research stage of the process to create ideas for composition, color and typography. This creates the direction we propose for the project.


Because we work so closely with our clients from the start of their project we can create the most compelling stationery designs. When we get to the design stage the client has already seen and approved the direction we suggested in the planning stage.

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Laura Shema

Founder, Designer and Illustrator

Laura was our only illustrator for two years. She now enjoys overseeing the direction of our brand and select commissions.

Tom Hart

Founder and Designer

Tom is a multi-disciplined designer. He works to craft every project with our illustrators.

The Custom Wedding Stationery Agency

We started Jolly Edition in 2012 determined to add variety and personality to wedding stationery. Discerning couples looking for unforgettable stationery to document the most special day of their lives have always been our focus.

We now have illustrators in Europe, New Zealand and America, each with their own techniques and aesthetics. We're proud to offer their unique signatures to our work for engaged couples the world over.

Every client we work with helps to guide the direction of our little company — we can't wait to get to know you and to help create your perfect wedding stationery.

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